Did you know that your retirement money at risk today?

Most of you are working at your jobs, living your life with houses, kids and other family obligations. Life gets in the way of your financial future. What does this mean? While we are busy doing every day we forget about this nest egg that we have worked hard to build up over time and figure, our money is safe in the hands of others and it will be okay. We have been told that markets cycle through ups and downs, right? We have learned that everything will be okay? Right? Well, if you didn’t get the memo or have not discussed what is happening in the financial news you ought to listen now. Things are not okay. Today we are very concerned about everyone’s situation as most pre-retirees and new retirees are sitting ducks with most financial holdings tied to Wall-Street and U.S. government. As news and events are impacting us daily about U.S. economic policy and financial market turmoil, we feel this will lead us into a recession this year and take down the stock market again.

We are here to help you protect your retirement nest egg, folks. Your financial market money is at risk and our team of professionals are here to help you protect your retirement and future. Things you cannot do in your retirement plans is own actual tangible assets that are real. You may have learned that you can own precious metals, gold, silver, etc in ETF’s or stocks. That is true but it is NOT the same. You can own real gold and silver coins which is different. You take control over your money and actually own it taking it in your possession through us. Physical gold and silver coins have been in very high demand since early 2020, the start of the pandemic! Why is that? Read our website section about “Why physical gold and silver” now and then come back to the following market update.

**Physical silver has grown in value rapidly by 20% in last 30 days and there are significant supply outages from a record 1.2 billion ounces in demand stemming from 2022 (reference – The Silver Institute). At the same time, physical gold pricing has found a new resistance, floor at $2,000 per ounce.** Remember, it’s not when you buy at a certain price but how much you own in actual ounces or coins that creates a buffer or safety net against you’re at risk fiat currency or dollar based financial market investments – like an “insurance policy for your money” in real, tangible assets you own in your possession that go up when financials go down.

We can help you with best strategy to privatize your family’s qualified plans, pension, etc. and get you the right type of private, tangible asset protection like insurance on your money for the next stage of life.

This is an important time to act for protection and growth of your money. Call us anytime at your convenience at (715)-318-4653 or send us a note by email to info@alternativasolutions.com today. Thank you for your kind consideration and time in advance! Have a great upcoming weekend!

Alternativa Solutions is an exclusive industry partner with Fidelity Gold & Silver, Inc. Fidelity Gold & Silver, Inc. has been selected two years in a row for the Best of Naples Awards for Financial Institution and now qualifies for the 2023 Naples Business Hall of Fame” We thank all our valued clients to allow us to serve them over the last 10+ years Fidelity Gold & Silver, Inc. who has been selected two years in a row for the Best of Naples Awards for Financial Institution category and now qualifies for the 2023 Naples Business Hall of Fame. A+ RATED – zero complaints Better Business Bureau. BBB.ORG

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