About Us

Alternativa Solutions helps our individual clients around the U.S.  learn about and own actual physical, private assets like Precious Metals (i.e. Physical Gold & Silver), own distressed debt (banks’ commercial business and consumer personal debts are purchased for pennies on the dollar and managed by our team) to return more value than purchase price , own private company stock and other monetized assets.
These types of owned assets and debts can be purchase direct or through a Self-Directed IRA (move IRA funds from Traditional, Roth, SEP, Simple or other retirement accounts) to a new IRA that holds it in custody.


Jim Tempesta is a corporate capital and business development professional with 30 years in various industries including financial services, pharmaceutical, medical device & healthcare, interactive communications, continuing education, etc.

Mr. Tempesta has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire – Cum Laude graduate.

He enjoys spending time with his two children and family, volunteer work with business and civic organizations including the Cumberland Chamber of Commerce and playing a variety of musical instruments, songwriting and travel. He was raised in Cumberland and spent his childhood on a family horse ranch.

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After 30 years in various industries we learned from the best in client financial, capital development and service. Our professional service team is here to serve you down “the road less traveled!”