Why Gold & Silver?

Why should you buy Physical Gold & Silver?

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*NOTICE: Today we face a global economy that has been halted due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Financial markets are distressed and retirement accounts have lost value and continue to be at-risk. You buy Gold and Silver as “protection for your money” in these difficult times.

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– helps protect your money like owning “insurance” for your nest egg

– is a private asset transaction

– are real tangible physical assets not paper, you own actual physical coins in your possession

– are physical stores of value against the financial markets crash

– is liquid for cash needs

– can diversify your IRA or retirement account to own which is stored for you. Self-Directed IRA’s are easy to get started



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*All contact information will be verified and validated by Alternativa Solutions.  No Purchase Necessary. Purchase does not enhance chance of winning. Void where prohibited. All contact forms filled out and submitted will be entered once into a general drawing between May 1, 2020 8 AM CST and August 1, 2020 5 PM CST.   A winner will be randomly drawn by an independent party on August 2 and the winner be contacted. (1) winner will receive a U.S. Mint Peace Dollar (dated 1921-1935) 90% Silver coin (value estimated at $25. No cash redemption available.



You can buy “bullion” or “collectible” Gold and Silver coins directly from us.  We can help you select a strategy that best fits your situation. Gold and Silver coins or bars can then be stored privately in a safe or another means of personal storage.  You can also elect to keep them safe in a bank deposit box.

Physical Gold and Silver can be purchased and owned directly in its physical coin or bar form. Gold and Silver “bullion” which means that it is current US Mint or other country Mint issued in recent years and it closely reflects the value of the market price you see by the ounce.  Most popular bullion choices come in 1 oz coin forms or in bars from 1, 5, 10, 100 & 1000 ounces in size.   The other form is referred to as “collectible” for those coins that are older Mint issue (U.S. Gold Pre-1933 and U.S. Silver Pre-1935) that have significantly more value than the metal content.  The degree of quality or condition of the coin will also have bearing on the value.  Some coins are circulated and some have never been circulated.   Some collectible coins have been considered Proof quality coming right out of the U.S. Mint encased in plastic and graded on a complex scale.

Self-Directed Physical Gold and Silver IRA’s

Another way to own physical Gold and Silver is to use tax-deferred IRA funds to “self-direct” funds to a separate IRA that owns Physical Gold & Silver “bullion” bars of pure metal or coins that have value of around the “Spot” ounce price. This does not include “collectible” coins of high value premiums  The process is straight forward as you will fill-out some paperwork and we can help you work through the IRA custodian to transfer funds and get a second IRA in place where they store your actual Physical Gold and Silver, full-allocated, unencumbered (your asset is 100% owned by you and not the IRA custodian in their depository (storage facility).   Again, these coins or bars are held in the IRA owner’s name until you request and complete a In-Kind Distribution (which means the Physical Gold & Silver comes out of the IRA and is and is shipped to you directly. So, think of this just like any typical IRA in annuities, stocks, mutual funds, or bonds that are sold, converted to cash and distributed in check or bank wire form to you directly. Some people prefer the IRA route of ownership because it helps them easily move funds out of the 1st IRA and it is transferred to another or 2nd IRA to diversify their money into another asset class this completely private. Privacy and fast liquidity (the ability to sell quickly, get your money in 2-3 days) is important tool for diversification and estate planning where is no reporting required of what the IRA holds in actual Physical Gold or Silver contents to any U.S. government authority.

In summary, you can own actual Physical Gold and Silver, privately delivered to your residence or office or Self-Direct retirement funds into an IRA for it to be stored in a private vault and take an In-Kind Distribution (you take physical possession at any time after) simply. 

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