Collectibles – what and why buy now?

Why should we own collectibles today? In 2022, the US GDP shrunk, economy is on a decline. Inflation is a problem. Highest in 50 years. Our retirement money in financial markets is at risk for the biggest loss since the recession of 2008-2009. Yeah, big deal, right? The stock market always comes back. It will again, eventually. So what about the people who are retiring or in their retirement years already that don,t have future earned income other than social security checks? If our nest egg shrinks for a year and our spending increases due to rising cost of food, gas, durable goods, etc. then our money goes faster than our investments earn more value.

So what if we balance our money or investments between financial markets and collectibles. Why collectibles? Collectibles are worth something that is not dependent to value of the U.S.Dollar and tend to rise in value when stocks and bonds are in question. Value of cash or purchasing power of cash today will lose roughly 16% in 2022 alone, so low interest annuities, CD’s, savings accounts, money market accounts will LOSE MONEY! On the other hand, collectibles hold value and will either go up in value over time or retain value during the financial storms or recession we are in now, or some think is still ahead for many months. Antique cars, paintings, collections of stamps, autographed sports or entertainment figure memorabilia, rare coins, baseball cards are all forms.

Collectibles are often liquid for cash, some may take some time. Think of collectibles like your own museum or bank of alternative cash for emergency needs. We sell collectible gold and silver coins that hold value during the market swings down. Collectible gold and silver coins that were old currency in the U.S. are in high demand as they are no longer produced and are part of a limited population. Old U.S Mint silver $1 coins 1935 and older, $20 gold coIns 1933 and older. Low premium, retain and grow in value. Buy them, keep them, pass on to your kids and grandkids, or sell them back for cash if you need to at anytime. Like your own piggyback of collectible silver and gold.

Call us at 715-318-4653 or stop by to talk more about how you own cash ready, collectibles like gold and silver coins.

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