Don’t gamble with your retirement money..Protect your IRA NOW!


Hey, listen.  Remember when your IRA lost 25-40% value and your financial adviser told you that stocks will climb back to the value before you lost money?    Yes, well folks, the stock market has now corrected or LOST 11% SINCE JANUARY since its peak this year!  How old are you since the last time the market crashed?   We can’t afford to keep weathering the storm time after time when our TIME IS NOW SHORTER than before for the markets to regain value.  So, if you are about to retire or early in your retirement years, pay attention!

Don’t be a victim of the “recency effect” in stock market.  The DOW JONES Industrial stock index has increased in value by 60% in the last 5 years or 12% a year.  But, that trend is over and now stocks are trading lower than the last 200 day average which technically places it in a “bear market” which means declines for the time being.

Why protect your IRA money?   Protection is a viable strategy as much as growth has been over the years.   Think about buying alternative assets that hold value or growth when the financial markets are in trouble.   Be smart and Self-Direct IRA/401(k)/other accounts into a IRA in alternative assets.  Most of clients like the Precious Metals IRA (you own actual Physical Gold and/or Silver coins) that is stored for you.   Our partner in precious metals even waives the FEES Cost!  So, it costs you ZERO to protect your IRA.  Dont hesitate call us today!

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