Global fiat currency or paper money crisis – How bad is it and how you can safeguard your money in physical assets like real physical Gold and Silver

I write this blog using many zeros in the calculations from an international player in precious metals.    Here are some historical fun facts to consider as you enjoy your summer!

  • In the 1900’s money flow was solved by holding $65 Million of Gold for U.S. Government as leverage to devalue other currencies in the world.  Now the currency crisis is a million times higher with over $200 Trillion in global currency debt in the world.  Now there is an estimated $290 Billion in Gold value in the U.S. with $18 Trillion in paper money.  A ratio of 431 paper dollars to the equivalent of 1 dollar of physical Gold here in the U.S.
  • Using the 1980 Consumer Price Index calculation formula, buying an ounce Gold and Silver would be worth then would make Gold worth $10,823/ounce.  and Silver worth $568/ounce using shadow stats with an Adjusted Inflation calculation.
  • We are heading for the 6th time in U.S. history for a market collapse with the USD devaluation at a 10 month low along with multi-month lows on  10 year Treasury Notes.
  • With Silver priced at little more than $16 per ounce – it’s a great time to leverage as much retirement money into a private, hard asset before the Global Credit Crisis implodes again.  This has happened on average every 37 years since the early 1700’s between England, U.S. and the European countries.

So why should buy physical Gold and Silver?  Simply put, it’s a way privately to protect your paper dollars from the plight of the financial markets and more importantly, the specter of another credit crisis.   You can own actual physical Gold & Silver in your hand as one of my colleagues in Self-Directed IRA strategy puts it…”it’s mattress money that everyone needs along with their guns, musical instruments and priceless artwork”  Okay Gold or Silver is NOT money.  It used to be currency.  Gold and Silver can buy goods and services in some U.S. states like Arizona and Utah.  Other states are following with the pension funds and raising leverage of these funds in public securities, like stock and bond funds.

A leading economist, Ray Dalio was quoted by saying “if you don’t own Gold, you don’t know history nor economics.  Mr. Dalio is the Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Bridgewater Associates, which is a global macro investment firm and is the world’s largest hedge fund. He is known to have a very practical understanding of economics that is very different from conventional economic thinking and that he spelled out in “How the Economic Machine Works”.

So do yourself a favor while you enjoy your summer planning reunions, weddings, travel etc. – buy some actual physical Gold and Silver to protect yourself and your hard earned money for the next 5-20 years and beyond from the perils of the world currency crisis.

Physical Gold and Silver purchases are private, non-reported transactions to any government authority away from the public financial markets.  You can own actual physical Gold and Silver coins or bars to store in your safe, safe deposit box or any other place that is safe and private.  You can also use any retirement account to “self-direct” a portion of this retirement account money into a second retirement account that holds the actual physical Gold and Silver coins or bars.

Have a safe and fun summer!




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